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Georgia Auto Accident Lawsuit Process

Filing an auto accident lawsuit in Georgia, an inside look. 

Although most cases settle well before a lawsuit is needed, our auto accident lawyers are giving you an inside look at some of the most frequently asked questions about the Georgia auto accident lawsuit process.

Read below to see what others have asked us in the past about the process of filing an auto accident lawsuit in Georgia.  You can also call now at (404) 662-4949 and speak to one of our specialized team members who will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.   

How long do I have to file a car accident lawsuit in Georgia?  

The statute of limitations for a Georgia car accident lawsuit is two years.   Georgia Code section 9-3-33 says “Actions for injuries to the person shall be brought within two years after the right of action accrues.” The clock will start running on the date of the accident.

However, you should give yourself enough time to file a lawsuit, because you do not want to miss the two year window.  It’s very possible that your case may not need a lawsuit to win a substantial settlement. However, to keep the option open, it is important that you contact the best Georgia car accident attorney that you can find in order to start your case.

At Georgia Auto Law, we think we are the best car accident attorneys in Georgia because we specialize exclusively in car accident cases.  Many law firms will take on any case that comes in the door. However, we have found that by specializing in Georgia car accident cases, we are able to win our clients better results.  Every member of our team lives and breaths Georgia auto accidents, and we are ready to help you.

How much will it cost me to file a lawsuit?

It will cost you nothing to file a lawsuit.  In Georgia, car accident lawsuits are paid for on a contingency fee basis.  This means that the accident victim only pays the auto attorney a relatively small percentage of the amount of money you win.  This also means that the accident victim only pays if your attorney actually wins your case.

You will not pay anything at all upfront, and there is absolutely no cost, ever, if the car accident attorney does not win your case.  Please look at the Georgia Auto Law No Fee Pledge™ for more information about how this works. 

How long does the lawsuit process take for a Georgia car accident lawsuit?

The short answer to this question is “it depends.”  Many Georgia car accident cases settle well before any lawsuit is filed; however, sometimes a lawsuit is needed to leverage against the other side.  It is true that the litigation process for a car accident case can take substantial time, but sometimes this process is needed to get you the compensation you deserve.  

Sometimes, our auto accident attorneys are able to move through the process very quickly.  But, other times–with more complex cases–it may take longer to make sure we build your case as strong as possible in order to get you the highest amount of compensation.  

At Georgia Auto Law, we exclusively handle Georgia car accident cases–nothing else.  Therefore, our specialized team has spent years and years perfecting the process we use on our cases.  It is always our goal to secure our clients compensation as quickly as possible.   

Will my case to go to trial?

Although it is becoming more and more rare because our attorneys are winning great settlements, sometimes a case may need to go all the way to trial.  If this happens, then you can rest assured that you will have a specialized Georgia car accident attorney in your corner.

Our specialized, car accident attorneys can help you. 

At Georgia Auto Law, every member of our team specializes exclusively in Georgia auto accident cases.  This means that we do not focus our time, research, or resources on anything except winning you the most money on your car accident case.  

You are welcome to call one of our auto attorneys at any time, day or night, at (404) 662-4949.  You can also complete our consultation form, and one of our car accident specialists will reach out to you within minutes.  With our No Fee Pledge, you pay nothing. We are here for you.     

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