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Georgia Car Accident Settlement Process and Timeline

In this article, our car accident experts explain the Georgia car accident settlement process. With this information you can be better informed of the process that will be taken in your case.

We have a lot of great things in Georgia, the “Peach State”.  A growing city of Atlanta, a great music history (think Ray Charles), the Atlanta Braves, to name a few. One thing Georgia is also known for (especially Atlanta) is the traffic. So, if you happen to get into a car accident, it can be helpful to know how car accident settlements work so that you can make sure your rights are protected.  Below, we discuss the Georgia car accident settlement process and timeline.

Do I Need to Report a Car Accident in Georgia?

Under Georgia law, individuals who are involved in a Georgia car accident are required to report the car accident immediately to the police if there are injuries involved.  You are also required to report the accident if there was property damage that exceeds $500.

We always recommend that you call the police immediately following any car accident in Georgia. Even if you think you are not injured, some injuries take a little bit of time to manifest themselves.  The shock of a car accident releases adrenaline, and you may not know the severity of your physical injuries until the next day.  It is always good to call the police in order to make sure you have a police accident report to document what happened in the car accident. You can request a free copy of the crash report here.

Also, Georgia law mandates that you must provide your name, license, insurance, and contact information to any other drivers involved in the accident.  Further, parties involved in a car accident in Georgia are required to offer help in getting any injured parties medical assistance and you are required to stay at the accident scene until police arrive.

Georgia Car Insurance Laws

Georgia, like other states, have minimum liability insurance coverage amounts that we are all required to carry in order to legally drive.  They are as follows:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury or death of one person
  • $50,000 for bodily injury or death of more than one person in the same accident
  • $25,000 for damage to property

How to Car Accident Settlements Work in Georgia?

When the Georgia car accident settlement process comes to mind, the first thing people generally think of is a long, drawn-out battle about who is at fault, how much they should pay.  However, the car accident claim process in Georgia can be stress-free if handled by an experienced Georgia car accident attorney.

Most Georgia car accident cases settle long before a long legal battle and long before a trial.  With a settlement, an injured party can get a guaranteed payout without the need to battle it out in the courtroom.

What is a Settlement?

A settlement is an agreement between the parties to resolve the case for an agreed upon amount of money.  Then, the parties will dismiss the lawsuit and go on with their lives.

Granted, under Georgia law, settlement is not required.  However, courts will encourage the parties to have a “settlement conference” to discuss the possibility of settling the car accident claim.  Another option that we often help our clients with is something called “mediation”. We sit down with a neutral, third-party mediator and try to arrive at a settlement with the other side before a trial.  If you are currently involved in a car accident case, ask your car accident lawyer about the possibility of mediation to get you the settlement you deserve.

What is the Average Car Accident Settlement in Georgia?

The question we get from people most often is how much their case is worth.  The truth is that, because there are so many factors that go into a car accident settlement in Georgia, it is impossible to give a fully accurate estimate.  A small fender bender will lead to a lower settlement than a tractor trailer crash which leads to catastrophic injuries.

When evaluating the amount of a potential settlement, accident victims and their attorney will look at the following factors :

  • Amount of damage to vehicles
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional damages
  • Past and future medical bills
  • Lost wages

How Long Do I Have to File A Car Accident Lawsuit in Georgia?

The car accident lawsuit process in Georgia can be complicated.  Under Georgia law, an accident victim has two years from the date of the car accident to file a lawsuit for personal injury.  This time limit begins counting on the day of the car accident. It is important to consult the best Georgia car accident attorney that you can find as soon as possible.  This will ensure that an attorney can evaluate your case and make sure you meet the filing deadline.

Talk to a Specialized Georgia Car Accident Lawyer About Your Potential Settlement.

Once you settle your case, the settlement amount is final and can not be changed.  Often, the insurance company will make you a very low offer to try to get you to accept it.  We highly recommend finding and speaking to a specialized and experienced Georgia car accident lawyer before talking about any settlement numbers.

Do I have a Georgia Car Accident Case?  Can I Recover Compensation for My Injuries?

Georgia Auto Law is the premier law firm in Georgia exclusively helping clients win auto accident cases.  We are the only law firm in Georgia handling only auto accident cases.  Auto accidents are not just what we do, it’s all we do.

You are welcome to call one of our auto attorneys at any time, day or night, at (404) 662-4949.  You can also complete our consultation form, and one of our car accident specialists will reach out to you within minutes to discuss the accident settlement process.  With our No Fee Pledge™, you pay nothing. We are here for you.

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