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Calling an Audible: What Can I Do If My Attorney is Not Doing His Job?

The demand for lawyers is expected to grow by 6% in the next 10 years. Many legal situations call for a lawyer, such as getting an auto accident injury. There are many skilled and adamant lawyers. However, not all of them act ethically and you might be left questioning “what can i do if my attorney is not doing his job? “

When you hire a lawyer, they’re required to abide by specific ethical standards. If they don’t, the client as their own rights. You should know what to do if you’re not satisfied with your lawyer and if you can switch lawyers.

Are you wondering, what can I do if my attorney is not doing his job? Here are the options you have.

Reasons clients are unhappy with their lawyers

There are common reasons why clients aren’t satisfied with their lawyers. These reasons may or may not be unethical. Here are a few examples.

They’re Not Communicative

One of the many core aspects of a lawyer’s rule is the ability to communicate with their clients. If your lawyer isn’t returning your calls, is not answering your questions and/or not addressing your concerns, this is a red flag.

They’re Not Settling Your Case

Some cases are more complex, require more evidence, or are just difficult. Your lawyer should work diligently in your favor, regardless of your case type.

However, if a significant amount of time has passed and your lawyer hasn’t settled your case, this is another red flag.

In addition, you should also be alarmed if a significant amount of time passed and the lawyer hasn’t started your case at all.

Financial Issues

Let’s say you filed a lawsuit for an accident and you won. Your lawyer is entitled to a cut of the settlement; however, they take your entire settlement. This is an example of unethical attorney behavior.

You can report your lawyer and contact additional sources (such as your state’s client security fund) to retrieve your settlement. In some cases, you may need to contact the police.

What if you’re unhappy with your lawyer after your case is over?

Unethical behavior isn’t limited to pending cases. Your lawyer can act unethically even after your case is over. A common example is charging their clients after they lost, even if they state they won’t in the contract.

Before reporting your lawyer, contact them. There could have just been a simple misunderstanding or an honest mistake. If they are still disobedient, report them to the state.

However, there are examples that don’t pertain to unethical behavior. For example, maybe you don’t think your lawyer represented you effectively.

If this is the case, talk about these concerns with your lawyer. Your voice is also powerful online — leave an honest review to inform potential clients.

What if you believe your lawyer was negligent toward you and your case? This negligence can be dire — causing you to lose your case and lose money. If this sounds like your experience, you can file a malpractice suit against your lawyer.

What if your lawyer acted unethically?

A lawyer has to follow a strict ethical code. Some of the behaviors they must follow include:

Following the client’s instructions

  • Competency
  • Exercise effective communication
  • Diligence
  • Confidentiality
  • Be honest and upfront with fees
  • Care when holding onto a client’s property
  • Loyalty

If your lawyer went against you or this code, you can research their specific behaviors to see if you can report them. It’s recommended you resolve any issues directly with your lawyer unless they acted unethically.

In Georgia, you’ll want to contact the State Bar of Georgia or the Georgia Consumer Protection. These organizations will investigate your lawyer. Keep in mind, you may not be reimbursed for the money you already spent.

Should you get the police involved?

You should only contact the police if you believe your lawyer committed a crime. Common examples include the lawyer stealing your settlement, stealing your property, or using any information against your will.

Keep in mind, you shouldn’t contact the police unless you’re certain your lawyer committed a crime. Contacting the police should also be a last resort — always contact the Bar association and other consumer protection services first.

How to hire a new lawyer

Before you even fire or report your lawyer, look for a new lawyer. Your new lawyer will help tremendously when firing your previous lawyer.

Contact different lawyers, research multiple lawyers and ask specific questions. Inform them you already have a case open and you’re not satisfied with your existing lawyer.

When you select your new attorney, sign a retainer agreement.

This agreement states the new attorney is taking over your case. From here, your new attorney will prepare a form called the “Consent to Change Attorneys” as well as a “stop work” form they will deliver to your new attorney.

Hire the best lawyer the first time

If you’re looking for a lawyer, you should ensure you’re hiring the best lawyer to avoid dealing with a poorly skilled, unethical, or criminal lawyer.

First, research several lawyers in your area. Look up reviews and ask your loved ones for recommendations. Visit these different lawyers and take advantage of free consultations. Describe your case in-depth and ask specific questions.

Some of these questions include:

  • Have you handled a similar case?
  • How long will my case take?
  • What kind of settlement should I expect?
  • Who will be responsible for my case?

You should also avoid hiring the first lawyer you meet or the one you’re recommended to. Take time and research different lawyers.

What can I do if my attorney is not dong his job?

Are you asking yourself, what can I do if my attorney is not doing his job?

Report the attorney if they’re acting unethically or criminally. But if you’re looking for a new personal injury lawyer to handle your case, you don’t have to look farther than our firm.

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