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The Benefits of Hiring a Truck Accident Attorney

Hiring a truck accident attorney is a decision that more than 100,000 people face each year. In fact, the National Safety Council’s latest numbers put the toll at around 118,000 in 2019, which was a 5 percent increase from the previous year. 

In the following article, we explain why there are many benefits to hiring a truck accident attorney. We also give you some pre-hiring steps to take into consideration. Let’s begin!

1. Getting a Competent Defense for Your Claim

Finding the best truck accident attorney means finding a competent defender for your claim. They will know how to structure the argument of your case. Beyond that, they’ll simply add legitimacy to your case as you dare to go up against large insurance companies or other well-represented claimants. 

Finding a competent defender for your claim can also give you the benefit of peace of mind. This can be crucial to buoying your spirits as you deal with the legal challenges and the stress of financial or medical difficulties.

2. Negotiation Skills

Instead of just looking for a “truck accident attorney near me,” as is commonly searched online, look for someone with the proven ability to negotiate. You want to have a clear idea regarding their cases, their arguing style, and whom they’ve dared to challenge throughout their career. 

Hiring a capable truck accident attorney means having someone in your corner who knows when to bluff, when to stay, and when to accept. They’re not only used to negotiating, but they’re also comfortable doing it. 

3. Legal Knowledge 

Another of the many benefits that you’ll find when hiring a truck accident attorney is their legal knowledge. They know the forms to file. They know how courtrooms operate. 

They have a knack for being able to demystify a tediously slow process. They can help you with paperwork, deadlines, judge’s preferences, and a variety of legal technicalities that will emerge during the process.

4. Evidence Compilation 

Attorneys can help you by thinking of things that you might not on your own. This is particularly helpful when it comes to the evidence compilation process of building a case. 

Attorneys know the types of evidence that law enforcement will collect from an accident scene. They know tests that are performed to check for impairment. They have the foresight to seek evidence from companies whose vehicles are involved in accidents.

This would include things like onboard analytics to show the rate of speed a driver was driving at the time of the accident. This would also include onboard cameras and any other visual evidence. 

5. Courtroom Prowess

Another of the best truck accident lawyer qualities that can benefit you is being able to argue a case in the courtroom. While you hope you can get a fair settlement without having to go to trial, a good attorney isn’t intimidated by it.

If you have a case that can be won in court, they will let you know. Decide to go all the way with it? You’ll have an ally on your side who knows how to connect with a judge or jury. More importantly, they’ll know how to connect each dot to prove your case beyond a shadow of a doubt and earn the maximum award.

6. Targeting Issues That Affect Your Case

There are so many factors that can play into an accident, such as the quality of vehicle maintenance at the time of the accident or whether a party was speeding or driving while impaired. Other issues might go beyond the involved parties themselves.

Perhaps the accident occurred due to negligence on the part of the city or state. Badly maintained roads often contribute to the cause of an accident. An attorney can help you spot things like this and avoid leaving money on the table.

7. Regulatory Knowledge 

Let’s say you get involved in an accident with a semi-truck. You might be inclined to accept a settlement offer at face value without diving deeper into the regulatory issues that can either get you a higher settlement figure or better present your case before the court. 

In this scenario, your attorney might target driver logs to see if the driver has violated drive time rules and regulations or if there are discrepancies in how they’ve documented their drive time. Being able to prove that a company or its employee has violated a rule or regulation can make a company quicker to settle at your asking price.

Do This Before You Hire

You certainly don’t want to fight an insurance company or well-represented motorist on your own. There is simply too much at play.

You could be accepting a settlement that doesn’t account for future medical issues or the full extent of a driver’s negligence. It’s a discrepancy that can impact your life in significant ways. So, before you hire your attorney, take the following steps.

Look at Specialty Experience 

An attorney with lots of general experience might be an okay hire if you’re looking to file for divorce or bankruptcy. If you want to give yourself the best chance for a strong outcome, however, you want specialty experience. 

Before you make a hiring decision, find out how long the attorney has worked strictly on trucking accidents. What major cases have they worked on, and what were the outcomes of those cases?

Get a Feel for Your Case

A good attorney will be able to look at your case and determine a fair truck accident settlement amount as well as whether the case has any validity if going to court. Talk to your attorney about the evidence, the best- and worst-case scenarios, and what he or she thinks you should do given the facts at hand.

Vet Settlement Offers Thoroughly

Look at whatever offers an insurance company throws your way. Consider what it’s really paying for. Is it just an offer to make things good on the vehicle damages, or is it fairly accounting for your pain and suffering? 

Don’t be afraid to collect the settlement offer (or offers) and take them to an attorney with truck accident experience. See what they have to say, and go from there. 

Hiring a Truck Accident Attorney Can Help Navigate a Challenging Time

Your truck accident attorney can help with the physical, mental, and emotional fallout of a truck accident. They benefit you in how they’re able to prepare your case, evaluate it, and negotiate outcomes. 

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