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Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Are you or a family member in need of legal representation after a commercial vehicle accident? There are more than 1.33 million licensed attorneys in the United States alone! These lawyers practice in many different areas of the law.

You need reputable counsel with experience handling commercial vehicle accidents after your crash. Read on to learn what you should look for in an auto lawyer and why you need one for your case!

Find a Trusted Advocate

Having a trusted advocate in your corner to represent your interests can make or break your case. During your search for the best attorney, look for one that connects with you in a meaningful way.

The attorney-client relationship is one built around trust and communication. This means you must feel like you can have an honest conversation when you speak with your attorney

It’s also important to remember that your claims may not resolve right away. There can be a lot that happens between making your claim and reaching a resolution. You will need to keep an open line of communication with your counsel so that both parties are on the same page!

Legal Education and Training

The attorney you pick to represent you should have a strong legal education and training. Their legal experience should focus on handling vehicle accident cases.

Becoming an attorney requires a lot of education and hard work to earn a law license. In the State of Georgia, a student must first earn a four-year college degree. A future lawyer must then gain admission into a law school with ABA accreditation.

A full-time law school course of study spans three years and is a challenging process. That’s because law students must learn to think like a lawyer.

They do this through challenging coursework and the development of an analytical mind. This helps an attorney to see both sides of an argument and learn how to make persuasive arguments.

After a student graduates from law school, they must study for and pass the Georgia Bar Exam. This includes a multi-day written test and a character background check.

You can learn about a lawyer’s background by visiting their website. Any professional disciplinary issues will be on the Georgia Bar registry of licensed attorneys. 

Evaluating Strengths and Weaknesses

At your initial consultation, a lawyer will listen to the facts of your accident. An attorney will ask about whether there are any witnesses and learn the extent of your injuries.

A commercial vehicle accident lawyer will know Georgia automobile law. This will help them explain the strengths and weaknesses of your case. For example, the facts in your case may mean that liability is at issue. This will make it harder for you to establish a winning position in your case. 

A lawyer can also explain if you must hire an expert to establish liability or causation of injuries. They can also give you a range of what your case may be worth and whether it is one to pursue based on the facts of the crash.  

Preparation of a Demand Letter 

After you hire an attorney, one of their first actions will be to begin the preparation of a demand letter. If there is more than one other party in the crash, an attorney will send a copy of the letter will to each one. This ensures any party that may be liable for your injuries receives notice of your claim.

A demand letter is one of the first pieces of written communication between you and the other side. In a demand letter, your lawyer will present the important facts in a favorable way to your position.

They will also describe the injuries and medical treatment that you have had since the crash. Your lawyer will include medical records that support the existence of your injuries. This also means explaining how your life has changed forever because of the crash.

The letter will make a monetary demand of the other party to resolve your claim and avoid a lawsuit. The demand will have an expiration date to make settlement a time-sensitive issue. 

Litigation Experience

A demand letter is a persuasive tool meant to bring the parties closer to resolving your claims but is usually only the first step in this process. If the parties cannot resolve your claims at the pre-suit stage, your attorney must prepare a formal complaint to file in state or federal court. 

After a complaint has been filed, your attorney must serve a copy of the complaint and the summons on each party named in the lawsuit. If a party decides to defend against your claim(s), this is where your attorney’s litigation experience is important. 

The parties will begin by initiating paper discovery which often includes the production of documents and answering questions called interrogatories. Your attorney will also schedule depositions of each party and witness so that they can receive testimony from them under oath. 

If the parties cannot resolve the dispute at a mediation conference, the case will be set for trial before a jury. Your attorney’s trial experience will be crucial to helping you establish your claims in court and presenting a winning case.

Don’t forget that a lawyer cannot ethically guarantee a result in your lawsuit and you may recover a small number of your damages or nothing at all. 

Picking the Best Auto Lawyer for Your Case

Picking the best commercial vehicle lawyer is one of the most important parts of presenting your case in a court of law.

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