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Who Pays My Hospital Bills While My Car Accident Case Is Pending?

We all spend a lot of time behind the wheels of our automobiles. In a way, they become something of a second home. However, it’s important not to get too content in your vehicle, as accidents are far more common than we like to think.

There’s a good chance each and every one of us will be in at least one auto accident before the end of our lives.

The medical expenses and hospital bills that arise from this kind of incident can be quite serious. If you’ve been injured in a car accident due to another driver’s negligence, it’s important that you understand how to get through the aftermath. 

You have a right to compensation under the law in this scenario, but who pays for your hospital bills while your case is still underway? How can you ensure you’re being taken care of? Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know

Understanding Auto Accident Compensation

The damage that can result from an auto accident can be quite serious. While the damage done to your vehicle can be expensive to fix, the more serious cost you’re going to face has to do with your own recovery.

Medical care in the United States can be quite expensive, and even a less severe injury can result in thousands and thousands of dollars worth of hospital bills. Under the law, you are able to seek out compensation for these costs and much more.

If another driver is found responsible for the accident, their insurance company will be required to pay out the compensation for your injuries and care. They’ll also need to cover things like lost wages and a certain amount for the pain and suffering that you’ve experienced. 

However, auto insurance companies hire a team of experienced lawyers whose main job is to limit the amount of these payouts. Insurance companies will fight tooth and nail to try and give you less compensation than you really deserve.

That’s why you need an auto accident attorney on your side who can ensure you get the total compensation package that you deserve. However, this process isn’t instantaneous – it takes time.

It requires collecting evidence, building a strong case, and negotiating back and forth with the opposing lawyers. 

Your care and recovery will need to start right away, while your case may take weeks or even months to get sorted out. How can you afford your care while stuck in this in-between time? There are a few different options. 

A Letter of Promise

A letter of promise in a car accident case is a common way to address this issue. When you first suffer injuries, you can produce a letter of promise with your attorney to deliver to your health care providers.

A letter of promise simply states that you are in the process of seeking compensation for your injuries. It serves, essentially, as an ‘I owe you.’ It promises to the healthcare provider that you will pay your bills the moment you get the money from your case, before you take any money for yourself.

Most health care providers can stay afloat without your immediate payment and will happily accept a letter of promise. This will allow you to continue to receive care while your attorney works away at your case.

In some rare instances, a healthcare provider will not accept a letter of promise, and you’ll need to lean on other strategies.

Lawsuit Settlement Loan

Another popular way of financing the healthcare costs during a case? Taking out what is known as a lawsuit settlement loan. There are many loan providers who will be happy to take a look at the details of your case.

If your case seems like a sure thing, they can lend you the money you need to pay for your medical care while your case proceeds. Once you do win your case and receive the needed compensation, you simply pay the loan company back with some interest.

Often, you can even have this accrued interest counted as part of your compensation package, and part of what your attorney will fight for.

There are many different loan companies out there, and some are more reputable and reliable than others. You should always do thorough research before signing any paperwork with a loan company. Make sure you are not being taken advantage of in any way.

Your Own Health Care and Insurance 

In addition to the above options, you might be able to turn to your own health care or auto insurance plan for help during this time. Many personal auto insurance policies contain information regarding this exact kind of situation. 

If you have a pending injury case, your health insurance might be able to step in and cover the needed costs until your compensation comes through.

If the opposing driver doesn’t have insurance, your own insurance might be able to step in and cover the costs until your attorney figures out another path forward.

Every company and provider is different, so you’ll need to look into the fine print with the providers you work with to see what is available to you.

Managing Auto Accident Hospital Bills

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, you likely have a large stack of hospital bills that are staring you down. How do you handle these costs when waiting for your car accident case to proceed? 

The above information can help you determine a few ways to work through this difficult time. 

Need more auto accident advice and information? How about immediate help with your accident case? Give us a call anytime for assistance. 

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