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What Makes a Good Lawyer for Auto Cases? 7 Quality Traits

Do you find yourself in need of a reliable personal injury attorney but you’re unsure of how to go about finding the right one to handle your case? There are some traits you should look for in an attorney before deciding on one to hire.

What makes a good lawyer anyway? Read the following 7 traits to look for to help you narrow down your search and find the right attorney in no time:

What makes a good lawyer?

1. Someone who communicates clearly.

Wondering what makes a good lawyer? Well one of the top traits to seek in an attorney to handle your auto accident case is someone who communicates clearly. They should make it easy for you to understand how they will help you with your case and what’s required of you. They should provide clear information about all their fees and their process upfront.

If you have any questions along the way, their answers should be direct and to the point and not leave you walking away with more questions than you have answers.

If an attorney is unable to give you clear insight into their practice and process in the initial consultation, chances are you’ll have communication issues all along the way if you hire them.

2. They’re engaging

A good, reliable lawyer is one who’s interested in your case so you don’t feel like just a number. Lawyers who aren’t engaging will only put in the minimum amount of effort and work on your case. This can lead to you getting a smaller settlement than you might have been able to obtain from someone more receptive.

But how can you tell if your lawyer is engaging? If they ask you lots of detailed questions about your case and your legal goals, there’s a good chance they’ll be engaging throughout.

3. A willingness to provide references

Before you hire an attorney, you should ask each one for a list of references to speak to first. References are used to give you an idea of the reputation of the lawyer in question.

A good lawyer will happily provide you with references to speak with. Even if you don’t end up contacting any of the references, at least you can have confidence in knowing the attorney was willing to share them with you.

An attorney who either won’t provide you with any references or doesn’t have any to give you is one that you should avoid.

If you’re given references, take the time to give a couple of them a call and ask them questions about their experience with the attorney you’re considering. Ask them if they felt like they were treated respectfully, if they felt like the attorney was knowledgable about the case, and if their case was settled in a satisfactory manner.

Keep in mind that each person will have had a unique experience, but by speaking with at least a few references, you should get a good idea about an attorney’s ability and professionalism.

4. One who is organized

When you go to visit prospective attorneys, take a look at their office space. The more organized the office, the more organized they are likely to be.

Observe their staff members and other members of the team to see how they manage their workspace and interact with other clients. If you notice a lot of disorganization or struggle to manage all the clients in an orderly manner, you can take this as a reflection on their ability to handle your case in an efficient manner.

5. Reliability

When you trust your car accident case to an attorney, you are trusting them to handle it with care. The way they handle your case can either make or break the settlement agreement that you receive. This is why it’s so important that you find an attorney that is trustworthy and reliable.

What makes a good lawyer? A good personal injury attorney should be able to handle all your evidence properly and be trusted to return your calls within a reasonable time frame. You can expect a good attorney to file all necessary court documents and paperwork ahead of pressing deadlines and answer your questions along the way.

6. Personality

An often over-looked trait that plays a big part in your overall experience is your attorney’s personality and if it’s a good fit for your own. Though you don’t need to be best friends, it’s important that you’re able to feel comfortable with your attorney and share all the important details surrounding your accident.

You want to feel like your attorney treats you as a person and not just a job. Some attorneys are aggressive and serious and others have a warm, open personality. You might appreciate one over the other.

7. Someone well experienced

Everyone starts somewhere, but as you go about choosing the best car accident attorney to handle your case, it never hurts to seek out someone with years of experience under their belt.

If an attorney has been working on similar cases for many years, they’ve gained a lot of useful knowledge surrounding personal injury law. Their experience also means they’ve likely handled plenty of cases that are similar to your own which can give you an edge in seeking a settlement you’re happy with.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about an attorney’s experience before you hire them on to take your case.

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