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What Is a Wrongful Death Suit?

Accidents happen every day, whether we use caution or not. Sometimes an accident isn’t preventable.

If you’re fortunate, you might walk away with a few cuts or bruises. But other times, a fractured leg or concussion is the outcome of a car crash.

The severity of an auto accident impacts the injuries and could lead to disability or death.

Wrongful death is a horrible thing that can’t be reversed. When an unexpected death happens due to someone else’s negligence, a wrongful death suit might be a reasonable option.

Certain family members can file for a wrongful death lawsuit.

Read along to learn more about wrongful death suits and what they can do for you.

What is a Wrongful Death Suit?

wrongful death lawsuit is a form of personal injury claim where the accident victim died due to the injuries sustained.

The eligibility to file a wrongful death suit varies by each state.

Common Causes of a Wrongful Death

Wrongful death lawsuits happen for many reasons. But some of the common causes include:

When a family member dies because of someone else, it’s life-changing. Nothing will bring back the person or make the outcome better. But if the person that died left-behind children, a spouse, a dependent, or bills, filing a wrongful death suit might be a reasonable decision.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Suit?

Losing a family member is never an easy thing. The loss of life leaves a void and might cause depression, anxiety, and long-lasting grief.

In the state of Georgia, according to Ga. Code Ann. § 51-4-2 et seq, the spouse of the deceased, could file a wrongful death suit. When the deceased wasn’t married, then the children could file a claim to collect damages. In the absence of a spouse or children, the parents of the deceased may open a lawsuit.

What Damages Can I Recover?

Filing a lawsuit might be frivolous if it doesn’t meet the requirements. Speaking with a wrongful death lawyer might help you avoid unnecessary issues or wasting your time.

If you believe your loved one’s death is eligible for a wrongful death suit, contact an attorney as soon as possible. Each state enforces a statute of limitations for the time allotted to open a claim. In Georgia, the statute lasts for two years per Ga. Code Ann. § 9-3-33 et seq.

When a claim gets filed after the statute of limitations expires, it could get dismissed by the court. Although some circumstances do allow for the late submission of an application, it’s best to rely on this as a guarantee.

Recoverable damages available in a wrongful death lawsuit depends on who is filing the suit. A spouse or child of the person that died can sue for monetary compensation like benefits or wages.

If a child or spouse doesn’t exist, the estate executor might file for money to cover the funeral and burial arrangements, medical expenses, or pain and suffering endured by the deceased before their death.

Hire a Wrongful Death Lawyer

Lawsuits are complicated and time-consuming. When you’re handling the life-altering effects of losing a loved one, you might not have the focus to do the work an attorney could do.

It’s never advised for a person to represent themselves in a case because of the factors involved. When searching for a wrongful death lawyer, it’s essential to find the best.

Searching for a Wrongful Death Lawyer

Looking for a wrongful death attorney might seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. There are ways to sift through your options and find the right one.


When you need an attorney’s help, it’s good to speak with those you trust. Asking friends, family, and close acquaintances for the name of a good wrongful death lawyer is an excellent way to start the search.

People satisfied with their lawyers enjoy singing their praises. The same is true for people dissatisfied with their lawyer’s conduct. Receiving positive and negative information about a lawyer is helpful. It might save you from hiring someone unqualified for your needs.

Internet Search

Conducting an internet search is another way to find an attorney. When searching, it’s important to have a list of questions close bye. If the information you want isn’t posted on their business website, then contact their office for a consultation.

Be sure to look for lawyers in your town and state. You want to ensure traveling to the lawyer’s office won’t be a hassle.

Read Reviews

The internet makes it simple to find out the good, the bad, and the ugly about a business. During your search for an attorney, look for reviews and testimonials. The information left provides insight into the type of person you would be hiring.

While each negative review should be taken with a grain of salt, the positive reviews are always pleasant to read.

The negative reviews could be the result of many factors, such as a client with unrealistic expectations or disappointment in the outcome of a case.

Even seasoned attorneys can lose a case. It’s crucial to remember an attorney is human like you.

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The loss of a parent, significant other, or child is horrible. No amount of money will bring them back to life. But the stress of financial instability shouldn’t occur to the family members left behind. A wrongful death suit might bring financial stability and alleviate unnecessary stress.

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