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What Happens If You Have a Car Crash in a Company Vehicle?

Have you recently been involved in a car crash that included a company vehicle? Are you curious to find out what happens when a car crash does have a company car involved in it? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about the process.

Educating yourself on this process can help you determine who was at fault for your accident. You can then get a better idea of who’s responsible for the financial side of things as well.

See below for an in-depth guide on a company vehicle crash and all the information you need to know that pertains to this type of incident.

What Is a Commercial Vehicle Crash?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re driving your own car or a company car, statistics show that you’re likely to be involved in one at some point in your life. There are more than 6 million car accidents in the United States each year, 3 million of which result in some type of injury (temporary or permanent). 

As the name would imply, a company vehicle crash refers to any car crash that involves a commercial vehicle. It doesn’t matter whether the driver of that commercial car is at fault or the victim. 

These situations are always tricky to sort out. First, you have to determine whether it was technically a car accident or a car crash. A car accident would suggest that neither party was necessarily at fault for the incident. A car crash, on the other hand, implies that someone was responsible for the incident.

Next is to figure out who’s at fault. Determining fault will go a long way towards finding out who is held financially responsible for the crash. At first, you might think it’s just two parties: you and the other driver. However, there is a third party—the company—who might be more at fault than the other two. Let’s take a deeper look at how to determine fault in your case…

Who Is at Fault in a Company Vehicle Crash?

The answer to this question depends on the incident. Contrary to popular belief, it’s never as cut-and-dry as it might seem. Let’s give an example.

Say you were driving down a highway in your personal car when you were stopped by traffic. Then a company car comes behind you and hits the back of your car.

If it was due to their own negligence, such as texting while driving or not paying attention to the road, then the driver would be to blame for the incident. If that’s the case, then they would need their personal car insurance to cover the car damage, injuries, and other setbacks you experienced as a result of the crash.

However, let’s say that the company vehicle was to blame. An error with the system prohibited the car from braking in time, thus hitting your car as a result. If the driver can prove it was due to a mechanical issue within the car, then their employer or the car’s manufacturer would be held responsible for the crash.

It’s the employer’s responsibility to ensure that all the vehicles in their fleet are safe to drive. If an issue leads to a car crash, then their commercial vehicle insurance provider will, in theory, cover the damages.

What to Do When You’re Involved in a Company Vehicle Crash?

Regardless of the situation, any company vehicle crash can become a complicated matter. Even if their client is clearly at fault for the incident, car insurance providers might be unwilling to give you the compensation that you’re entitled to.

That’s why it’s important to follow a few concrete steps to ensure you’re setting yourself up for success. First, whenever the incident occurs, make sure to call 911 right away. Refrain from talking to the other party as much as possible until the police arrive. When they do, give your side of the story, so that they can file an accurate police report.

While you’re still on the scene of the company vehicle accident, take out your phone and get as many photos as you can. This might include things such as:

  • Photos of the car damage
  • Photos of the street you’re on
  • Photos of your injuries
  • Pictures of any witnesses that stuck around

These photos will be used as evidence down the line. As soon as you drive away from the scene of the crash, they’re gone forever. Make sure to take advantage of your time! While you’re waiting to get dismissed from the scene by police, pull out the Notes app on your phone and jot down as many details of the event as possible.

After you’ve left the scene, be sure to reach out to a company vehicle crash lawyer. Use your notes to recreate the accident for them. They’ll listen to your side of the story, then get right to work on building your case.

A Georgia car accident lawyer can help you sort things out. They’ll help you calculate how much compensation that you’re entitled to, as well as use their resources and network to provide more evidence for your case.

Hire a Company Vehicle Crash Attorney Today

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on everything you need to know regarding a company vehicle crash, be sure to use this information to your advantage. 

For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out to us via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further.

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