If you are not completely satisfied with our services, you can walk away without paying a single dollar and no obligation.  

At Georgia Auto Law, we have spent years becoming experts in car, truck, motorcycle accidents.  So, we guarantee that our service to you will exceed your expectations. 

But, we also go a step further than any other law firm in Georgia: 

We guarantee that our auto accident attorneys will recover compensation for you, or we will not charge you a single dollar in fees.

Call us at (404) 662-4949 to speak with an auto accident attorney for a completely free consultation.  Or, fill out our consultation form and we will reach out to you within minutes.

You will always get an immediate call back!

We stand behind is our guarantee that you will always have a direct line of communication with your attorney. Every single phone call will be returned within a day.  Our attorneys are always ready to speak with you about your case, and we even answer the phone at night and on weekends. 

The best part is that you will never be charged for speaking with your attorney or asking questions about your case, ever.  Anything you need, any hour of the day, we are here for you.

The way we serve our clients is totally different than any other personal injury lawyers in Georgia.  For us, your case really is personal. At Georgia Auto Law, a client is not just a number. You will always be treated with the attention and compassion that you deserve, and you can contact us whenever you need.

We know how stressful the aftermath of an auto accident can be, and we are here to help you.      

We always want to make sure you understand your rights  and are able to speak to your lawyer whenever you have questions.  What does this mean? It means that the unique approach we take at Georgia Auto Law is a higher level than any other lawyer in the state.

We focus solely on auto accident cases. 

At Georgia Auto Law, our entire team focuses solely on car, truck, and motorcycle accidents in Georgia.  If you were seeing a doctor, you would never think that doctor is a family physician on Monday, a heart surgeon on Tuesday, and a brain surgeon every once and awhile.  Would you want a general practice doctor performing open heart surgery? Of course not! You would want to see a specialist who handles the exact medical problem that you have. 

The same thing applies to the legal field.  However, most personal injury lawyers do exactly what you would never want from a professional: they try to dabble in many different practice areas.  But we have changed that.

Georgia Auto Law is a law firm built around one single area of law: Georgia automobile accidents.  This includes car accidents, truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents.  

The key goal of our specialization is helping people who have been injured in automobile accidents–and doing it better than any other personal injury lawyer in Georgia.  This leads directly to the best possible results for you and your case.

When people are injured in auto accidents in Georgia, they call Georgia Auto Law.  End of story.     

Our attorneys are specialized to handle the specific issues in auto accident cases.

We are a team of specialized, auto accident lawyers who are here to help you with everything related to your car, truck, or motorcycle case.  This will include:

  • Answering all of your questions
  • Making sure you understand your legal rights
  • Guiding you through the insurance claims process
  • Assisting you in getting the medical treatment you need
  • Maximizing the settlement or trial verdict in your case  

Lawyers that the insurance companies do not want to mess with.

Because we only handle auto accident cases, we have gotten really good at it.  In fact, we have a reputation among the insurance companies and defense lawyers that they do not want to mess with us.  The insurance companies keep databases on the lawyers they go up against. So, they know that–when it comes to auto accident cases–Georgia Auto Law is not to be messed with. 

Our clients are the ones who benefit from our strong reputation.