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Georgia Motorcycle Accident Statistics

In this article, our team of motorcycle accident lawyers review and explain some of the most important Georgia motorcycle accident statistics.

There is no doubt that there can be many benefits to riding a motorcycle.  You spend less on gas than you would in a car or truck and you have better maneuverability and agility on the roadway.  No to mention the fact that you get to feel the wind and fresh air every time you are out riding.

However, as we all know, there are some dangers to riding motorcycles that make them a more dangerous way to get around town.  Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents happen very often and they can be very serious and even fatal.

Open air equals less protection

The sad truth of motorcycle riding is that one of the things that can make it so fun and freeing is the very same thing that can make is so dangerous: exposure.

On your motorcycle, whether it is 2-wheeled or a trike, you have less protection than a passenger vehicle in the event of a crash.  In other words, you are more exposed to the roadway and other vehicles in the event of a crash.

Additionally, motorcycles are much, much smaller than cars and trucks.  This means that bikers have a higher chance of serious injury or death in the event of an accident.

Regardless of the risk that they may pose, motorcycles have a right to be on Georgia roadways just like every other vehicle.  However, it can be beneficial for motorcycle riders to understand the statistics in Georgia about motorcycle accidents in order to be better informed about the dangers they might face.

We hope these statistics will assist bikers to ride as safely as possible and exercise caution when riding.

Georgia Motorcycle Accident Statistics

The statistics we are using were published form the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA).  This organization provides motorcycle accident statistics by year in each state. The statistics provided by the NHTSA include:

  • Number of people killed in motorcycle crashes
  • Which age groups are affected by motorcycle accidents
  • Helmet use
  • Accidents involving alcohol
  • And much more

In this article, our Georgia motorcycle accident attorneys will cover statistics published on the NTHSA’s fact sheet for 2016 which was published in 2018.  This information deals with motorcycle accident statistics for all U.S. states, including Georgia.

Motorcycle Crash Statistics in Georgia

The following are some introductory stats for motorcycle accidents in the entire United States for the year 2016:

  • There were a total of 5,286 motorcycle riders killed in auto accidents.
  • Motorcycle riders accounted for 14 percent of all traffic deaths in 2016 and 17 percent of all deaths involving passengers and drivers on the roadways
  • Out of the motorcycle fatalities, 94 percent were the drivers and 6 percent were passengers

Georgia Motorcycle Fatalities and Helmet Use

There were 167 motorcycle riders killed in Georgia in the year 2016.  If this 167, 154 of these riders were indeed wearing helmets during the crash.  This is 90 percent of these deaths wearing helmets.

It is estimated that helmets saved approximately 1,859 riders lives in the year 2016.  The NHTSA estimates that, if all riders had been wearing helmets, approximately 802 lives could have been saved.  Studies show that helmets can prevent around 37 percent of motorcycle accident deaths for riders and around 41 percent of deaths for motorcycle passengers.

Georgia law requires that every motorcycle rider must wear a helmet while riding.

Georgia Motorcycle Deaths and Alcohol Use

The following statistics examine the effect of alcohol use related to motorcyclists killed in Georgia:

  • Of the total number of motorcyclists killed in Georgia in 2016, 25% had a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .01% or higher
  • 21% of motorcyclists killed had a BAC of .08% or more (.08% is the legal limit in Georgia)
  • 10% had a BAC of .15% or more

When it comes to alcohol, motorcyclists are more likely to be involved in an alcohol related motorcycle crash.  In fact, motorcyclists that were injured or killed in crashes in Georgia were more likely to be under the influence of alcohol than any other type of motor vehicle driver.  This includes drivers of passenger cars, truck drivers, and tractor trailer drivers.

Motorcycle accident fatalities by age

Motorcycle riders that are killed generally are above the age of 40.  In 2016, 54 percent of all motorcycle riders killed in crashes were over the age of 40.

What are the common types of motorcycle crashes?

Over half of all deadly motorcycle accidents involve another motor vehicle.  In 2016, 55 percent of all fatal crashes involved at least one other vehicle.

Here are some statistics regarding locations of impact and type of collision that occurred in Georgia:

  • The vast majority, 72 percent, of motorcycle crashes were hit in the front
  • Only 7% of crashes impacted the rear of the motorcycle
  • In 41 percent of fatal crashes involving another vehicle, the motorcycle rider was either passing or going straight while the first vehicle was making a left turn
  • In 23 percent of motorcycle accidents, both the other vehicle involved and the motorcycle were traveling straight

Motorcycle accidents can also involve fixed objects as opposed to other cars on the road.  In fact, motorcycle riders are more often killed in crashes with fixed objects than other types of vehicles.  In 2016, 23% of all fatal motorcycle crashes involved collisions with fixed objects.

Speeding-Related Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are fast, it is no surprise that many fatal motorcycle accidents involve excessive speed. In 2016, thirty-three percent of all fatal motorcycle accidents involved a speeding rider.  Compare this to 19 percent for passenger cars.

“Speeding” related accident means that the responding officer found that the operator was driving too fast for the conditions at the time of the crash.  This would include a collision where the driver received a citation for a speeding offense.

Motorcycle Crashes Related to Time of Day

Because of the social nature of motorcycle riding, most motorcycle fatalities occur on weekends and at night time.

These statistics also go hand and hand with alcohol related accidents as most of the fatalities on weekend nights involve alcohol consumption.  In fact, 57% of the riders killed on a weekend night were under the influence of alcohol.

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