The Georgia Auto Law Difference

People often ask us why they should hire us for their case instead of the many other personal injury law firms in Georgia and across the country. 

There is certainly no shortage of personal injury law firms out there. Just look up as you drive down I-85, I-75 or I-20 and you will see billboards shouting to the heavens that they are ready to represent you.

How do you know which lawyer is best for you? How do you know which law firm will truly provide you the client service and personalized attention that you and your case deserve? 

The short answer: you don’t.

Many people have never needed to hire a lawyer before.  It is not something we plan on, and we don’t spend years researching a certain lawyer and building a relationship with them “just in case.”  The truth is that the need for a lawyer comes up fast and unexpectedly.

The need to hire a lawyer arises in that split second when the unthinkable happens. 

You may never have thought you would be injured in an auto accident but, if you are, then you may quickly find yourself in need of an attorney who you can trust and rely on.  But, like I said, you have not spent years cultivating a relationship with a law firm. So, how do you choose?

You must act quickly to protect your rights.   

In the aftermath of an auto accident, the clock immediately starts ticking on your case.  The medical bills start piling up. You may be missing work because of your injuries. The insurance company is pressuring you to take a low-ball settlement offer.  Not to mention the fact that you are in constant physical pain.

Under all of this stress, you are now expected to make a decision that will make or break the success of your case.  This decision could be the difference between a tiny settlement that barely covers your medical bills and major compensation that really sets you up to get back on your feet. 

Do you call the next billboard lawyer you see?  Do you search for the best attorney on Google? Find the lawyer screaming at you to call them in a TV commercial?

Theses are certainly options you could try, but what if you could find an attorney that was laser-focused on exactly the type of case you have? 

A law firm that has been designed to excel in one single legal practice area, and that practice area just so happens to be exactly what you need.  A law firm that specializes in handling cases just like yours, and nothing else.     

That is where we come in.

At Georgia Auto Law, we are exactly that law firm. 

When we built our practice, we realized how crowded the legal industry had become.  There are so many lawyers out there telling injured victims that they should hire them and that they are “the best” in a given practice area.  But, when you go to their website you see that the lawyer who just said he is a “specialist” in your case type, will actually take any case that comes through the door. 

In the “Practice Area” section of their website, you see that these lawyers market themselves as being able to handle medical malpractice cases, slip and falls, dog bites, nursing home abuse, car accidents, workers compensation, aviation accidents, boat accidents, defective drug cases, wrongful death, social security disability, and the list goes on and on.

So, in reality, these lawyers are not specialists at all. 

They are casting an incredibly wide net in order to sell their services to any possible client who might have a case, regardless of whether they are true specialists in what the client actually needs.  Essentially, they are trying to land any case that could potentially make them money as opposed to being up front with the client about their expertise.  They would rather take a case that they do not know much about instead of telling the injured victim that they may not be the best choice for their specific legal problem. 

Everyone deserves to have a lawyer who is a true expert and specialist in the legal problem that they are facing. Unfortunately, most law firms are not up front with clients about the fact that they aren’t experts in every single thing.  They can’t handle the idea that they may not be the absolute best at everything.

A lawyer who tries to specialize in everything is not a specialist at anything.  

But, isn’t it possible to specialize in all of these different areas?  We do not think so. The legal industry is growing more and more complex every day, and you need a lawyer who stays up to date with all of the current developments in their given practice area.  Gone are the days when the small-town, general practitioner could handle your personal injury case and draft a will for you.

We are now in a world where the time and expertise needed to handle a dog bite injury case is vastly different from what is needed to successfully win a medical malpractice case. 

The legal knowledge needed for an attorney to handle an auto accident case is completely different than what is needed to handle a slip and fall case. Each and every one of these case types has a specific legal background that can take an entire career to truly master.

How can a lawyer say they have mastered all of them?  They can’t.  It is simply not possible.

If you were seeing a doctor, you would never think that your doctor is a family physician on Monday, a heart surgeon on Tuesday, and a brain surgeon every once and awhile.  Would you want a general practice doctor performing open heart surgery? Of course not! You would want to see a specialist who handles the exact medical problem that you have. The same thing applies to the legal field.    

At Georgia Auto Law, we have fixed that problem. Our practice focuses solely on automobile accidents.

We will be the first to tell you when we may not be the right law firm for you.  We have no problem telling a potential client that we do not specialize in the type of case they are facing.  In fact, we do it every day.

We don’t just preach about the importance of hiring a specialized law firm, we actually walk the walk. We do this because you need a lawyer who has dedicated his entire career to one practice area, and only one

For us, that practice area is Georgia auto accidents.

Auto accidents are all we do. 

Our law firm is built upon the idea that, in order to genuinely provide an exceptional level of expertise and service to our clients, we must focus on what we do best and nothing else.  And that is exactly what we have done. 

We are auto accident attorneys through and through.  Every single one of our lawyers, paralegals, case managers, and support staff members dedicates all of their time to Georgia auto accident cases.  This means that if you have been injured in an automobile accident in Georgia, we are the law firm for you.

Our practice focuses solely on car, truck, and motorcycle accidents so that you will always know that a dedicated auto accident specialist is working on your case at all times

Wondering what type of case your Georgia Auto Law attorney was working on before turning to your case?  It was an auto accident case, just like yours. What type of case will your attorney be working on after finishing up with yours for the day?  It will be an auto accident case, just like yours. You get the picture.      

We take car, truck, and motorcycle accidents so seriously that we will not accept any other type of case.  We live and breath Georgia auto accidents. In fact, we have become so specialized in car, truck, and motorcycle accidents in Georgia that we have become Georgia’s premier auto accident law firm.  When people are injured in auto accidents in Georgia, they call Georgia Auto Law. End of story.

We are here when you need us.

We always encourage people to shop around when looking for an attorney.  We want you to make the most informed decision as you can about who you hire to represent you in your case.  After all, it is a huge decision that can make or break the success of your case.

If you are looking around and decide that you want a dedicated Georgia auto accident specialist on your team, then feel free to call us at (404) 662-4949 or fill out our consultation form and we will be happy to help you. 

Our consultations are completely free and absolutely no obligation.

We are proud to be serving the state of Georgia and look forward to speaking with you!